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Map Information:
Note: All files on this page are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.
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General Maps
City Map (letter size)
City Map (24x36 size)
Public Facilites Map (letter size)
Trails Plan Map (36x48 size)

Planning Maps
Zoning Map (letter size)
Zoning Map (24x36 size)
General Plan Map (letter size)
General Plan Map (24x36 size)

School Maps
Schools Map (letter size)

Note: All School Boundary Maps are maintained by Nebo School District .
Nebo School District Page
Nebo School District Map Page

Misc Maps
Snow Plow priority Map (letter size)
Snow Plow priority Map (24x36 size)
Sidewalk only area Map (letter size)

Interactive Map Links

Interactive Maps allow users to pan, zoom, identify, search etc. information from layers that are embedded in the mapping system. A general print function is also included. Some of the included layers are Parcels, Zoning, Utilities and Imagery data.

Salem Interactive Maps
Salem GIS Interactive Map
Salem Cemetery Interactive Map

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